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Year 11 Examination Support

We are here to support our schools, pupils and parents with the challenge of external examinations in Year 11. We recognise that this can be a very busy and sometimes challenging time for our pupils and their families.

This page provides additional support resources for revision and planning, as well as wellbeing, to help build our pupil's preparedness for the exams with regard to both their confidence and their mindset.

In school, our Chaplains and pastoral teams are on hand each day to support all pupils to complete their examinations to the best of their ability.


When are your exams?

Find a helpful exam countdown calculator showing the number of days to the main examinations below:

How to structure your revision?

It is never too late to start preparing for your examinations and our helpful road map from six school weeks left is here to help guide you and ensure you are able to manage what can feel like an overwhelming time:

y11 revision guide 1 .pdf

 Links to useful revision websites

BBC GCSE Bitesize  

Seneca Learning    MM Revise  

Study Rocket       

Prayers for Examination Periods

During exam periods, it is especially important that we are able to prioritise our mental health and spirituality to maintain peace, calm and focus.

If you are suffering from anxious thoughts or feelings around exam time, taking a few minutes for quiet prayer, reflection and meditation can be very helpful. Here are some prayers to guide you: