Pope Francis Multi Academy Trust

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Learning Access Support

Equitable access to school resources for all 

It is integral to the Catholic mission of Pope Francis CMAT that we demonstrate love and service to our community by supporting fair access to educational resources for all pupils.

We know that times are especially hard for family finances at the moment, with high inflation and rising prices in the supermarket and on the high street.

However, we do not want any family to feel that they are unable to afford the school essentials for their child and will support all pupils by providing what they need regarding school uniform, PE kit items, or equipment for class i.e. pens, pencil case etc... 

Can I request items?

It is important for all our families to understand that they can access this support without having to complete extensive paperwork or providing private personal finance information.

Please just ask at school, and we will link you up with the right member of staff who can help to provide the items you need - we have believe in the mutual trust shown by staff at our schools and so there is no need to prove to that you can’t afford any items of uniform, PE kit or equipment.

Ask for FAYE

To access this support, or request any similar help from school, you can set up a conversation discreetly with your Assistant Head for Pastoral Support by calling or emailing the admin team or asking at reception for a meeting with FAYE (Fair Access to Your Education).

If you are getting in touch about uniform, we will just need to know your child's measurements (chest, waist, inside leg) and shoe size.

If you would like any further information, please email the Trust: info@pfcmat.org.